Central Heating in Prestwich - Central Heating install - Central heating repair

Efficiency will
save you money!
Installing a new central heating system is an important investment to your property. Chosing the correct system or adding upgrades to your exsisting system can greatly reduce energy bills and your carbon foot print (co2 emissions ). Fitting an A rated boiler means that 96% of the heat your producing can be used to heat up your home and hot water. We can:

Install part or full systems
Swapping your old boiler for a new one or moving it to another wall, changing the old ineficient radiators for new correctly sized ones or going all the way with a new complete system. 

Service, safety check and maintain
Regular servicing will improve the efficiency of your boiler and will keep it running smoothly, saving you money and the headache of a breakdown just when you don’t need it. If you’re a landlord or living in rental property then boiler safety checks are required by law every 12 months.

Boilers tend to break down at the most inconvenient times so we aim to make this as stress free for you as possible by getting out to you as soon as we can and repairing it for you that same day. Our suppliers tend to have most parts for most boilers and we have not let any body down yet.

These are to make your system more efficient such as better controls to regulate the right amount of heat for the correct amount of time in the desired room. Thermostatic radiator valves to regulate temperatures, weather compensating controls, heat savers. Some of these upgrades can only be used on the newer boilers but a quick conversation will determine compaterbillity.


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